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Who are we?

Sips & Spirits is a podcast for lovers of both alcoholic and spectral spirits. It is hosted by a married couple that love drinking and sharing creepy tales. Chelsea and Erick will be the first to claim they have no clue what they’re doing with their podcast outside of having a good time. If the occasion calls for mixing cocktails, drinking said cocktails and sneaking in a scare or two; they hope you’ll fill your own glass to join in on the fun!

Original Cocktails & Spectral Spirits

Our podcast covers sampling spirits with a spooky flare as well as crafting unique cocktails to pair with cryptids or other macabre themes. We’ve even created custom recipes for events! All of our cocktails are made with the ability to be drunk either with or without alcohol depending on your preference. You can always check out all of our original cocktail recipes or subscribe to us on YouTube for our mixology tutorials.

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