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Crystal Head Onyx Vodka

Indulge on Crystal Head Onyx, an agave vodka mixed into an apple cocktail paired with the tale of La Mala Hora pursuing a woman as a mini Day of the Dead celebration.


Crystal Head Onyx Vodka Sips & Spirits


What’s on the menu?

Today, we are calling upon a spirit from Crystal Head Distillery in St. Johns, Newfoundland, Canada. We’re using their Onyx Crystal Head Vodka to conjure an Skull Candy cocktail.

Cocktail Mixology

Chelsea’s Tasting Notes

Crystal Head Onyx Shot
  • Nice!
  • I love how the flavor builds on your tongue.
  • We did Simply Apple in one and Honeycrisp Treetop in another.
  • Even the apple juice changes it.
  • It’s like a perfect autumn drink.
  • It’s got that nice crisp, like eating a fresh apple.

Skull Candy Cocktail

  • That doesn’t taste like vodka, it tastes like tequila!
  • It’s good, but it’s definitely confusing.
  • It does have that tequila taste to it, but not the burn.

Erick’s Tasting Notes

Crystal Head Onyx Shot
  • Delightful
  • I taste mostly apple and a little of the St. Germaine.
  • I like them both, they’re very good.
  • I like that this drink doesn’t require ice.
  • It’s pretty much like a spiked apple juice, very refreshing.
  • It’s what we would call a dangerous drink.
  • If you’re an apple fan, by all means.

Skull Candy Cocktail

  • That’s the beauty of vodka is that you can do pretty much anything with it.

Liquor Facts

Chelsea jumps into the interesting history of Crystal Head vodka as well diving deep into all their varietals, share the new age concepts of the company and the unique approach to their distillation process.

Would You Rather

You MUST use one of the following. Would you rather contact the dead using a Talking Box or a Ouija board?

Story Notes

Erick brought the chills with some spine-tingling lore about the mysterious La Mala Hora then wrapped it up with an encounter experience.

Last Call

How would you handle an encounter with La Mala Hora?

Close Your Tab

Thank you so much for joining us around the bar. We hope you’ll stay tuned for even more spooky sips very soon.

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