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Beast of Bray Road Cryptid & Cocktail

Are you ready to encounter the beast of bray road cryptid & cocktail? Our cocktail compliments this cryptid in mystery and gentility. Our cryptid selection was pulled from The Clash of the Cryptids playing deck and with an original cocktail crafted by us to honor it!


The Beast of Bray Road Cryptid & Cocktail Sips & Spirits


Beast of Bray Road Cryptid Cocktail

beast of bray road cocktail

Become engulfed in the mystery of this cocktail like the Beast of Bray Road itself. Combining Honey Brandy with cranberry juice, lemon and rosemary, you’ll be surprised by flavor notes to be found.

Ingredient Inspiration
  • Honey Brandy Cocktail
    • Honoring Wisconsin roots; popular drink in Wisconsin is a brandy old fashioned.
    • We used Bear Valley Honey Brandy found @ Bevemo
  • Cranberry cocktail juice
    • Again, paying tribute to another Wisconsin favorite.
  • Lemon used to cut down on sweetness of brandy
  • Rosemary to round out and give earthy back-road aroma.

Cryptid Facts & Story Notes

Erick read off the details on the Beast of Bray Road card, then shared the many accounts recorded of encounters with the beast. He then wrapped it up with a stress-inducing detailed report from one of said accounts.

Guess Who

Whom will be featured in our next cryptid & cocktail episode? Solve Chelsea’s riddle to figure it out.

Much like the bogeyman, children must beware
Of this cryptid often know for it’s long black hair.
The warning is clear, “from the ice, you must steer,
For though it is thick, danger dwells ever near”.

Leave us a comment on this post or on Instagram with your guess and we’ll give you a shout out in the next cryptid & cocktails episode!

Last Call

Do you think the beast of Bray Road is just a case of mistaken identity or something more?

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Thank you so much for joining us around the bar. We hope you’ll stay tuned for even more spooky sips very soon.

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