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Squonk Cryptid & Cocktail

The Squonk cryptid & cocktail will be much like an encounter with this elusive creature, dissolving in your glass into a purple puddle. Our cryptid selection was pulled from The Clash of the Cryptids playing deck and with an original cocktail crafted by us to honor it!


The Squonk Cryptid & Cocktail Sips & Spirits


Squonk Cryptid Cocktail

the squonk cocktail

With the transformative powers of Empress 1908 gin, this drink melts in your glass and your mouth.

Ingredient Inspiration
  • Gin Cocktail
    • Empress gin for transformation into a “puddle”
    • Indigo colored gin represents the melancholy of the squonk
  • Rosemary & Thyme
    • Imitating the feel of the hemlock forests and aromas you might encounter

Cryptid Facts & Story Notes

Erick took us on a history of the unhappy Squonk’s cryptid origins including written accounts dating back to 1910 by William T. Cox’s “Fearsome Creatures of the Lumberwoods: With a Few Desert and Mountain Beasts”. A unique book we would love to get our hands on!

Guess Who

Whom will be featured in our next cryptid & cocktail episode following the squonk? Solve Chelsea’s riddle to figure it out before the next cryptid episode on September 1st!

Some may say its red eyes are its’ frightening feature,
Yet short claws, and maybe three legs (?) also make this creature.
This cryptid makes it’s home in a village of Illinois,
Theories for its origins are plenty to enjoy.

Last Call

If you came across a squonk, would you let them know you see them or leave them be?

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