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Macchu Pisco

Ward off the uncanny whistles from El Tunchi with Macchu Pisco, a Peruvian grape liqueur that brings a delightful flavor to your mouth and mixes into a refreshing cocktail.


Macchu Pisco Sips & Spirits


What’s on the menu?

Today, we are calling upon a spirit called Pisco, a grape spirit from Lima, Peru. We are using Macchu Pisco to summon a Pisco Sour to the table.

Cocktail Mixology Notes
Macchu Pisco Pisco Sour
Allergy / Sensitivity Warning

If you know you are prone to an upset stomach from raw eggs, keep in mind that this cocktail may not be for you. Chelsea noticed it slightly about halfway through the cocktail and mentions it during the episode.

Chelsea’s Tasting Notes

Macchu Pisco Shot
  • Like grape juice with a strong palette opener.
  • It’s a breathing grape juice.
  • This is nice and there are more flavors growing on my tongue.
  • Now I understand why this is an award-winning spirit.
  • We have not had a spirit like this before.
  • It’s a white grape juice flavor, as in the grape skins.
  • If I was congested right now, it would clear all my sinuses.
Pisco Sour Cocktail
  • That’s nice!
  • I could drink that all day.
  • Really light.
  • I’m getting the bitters more on the aroma
  • Not an overwhelming sweet nor sour.
  • Very fluffy
  • Be careful with this cocktail because there’s 3 ounces of pisco per cocktail at 44% ABV.

Erick’s Tasting Notes

Macchu Pisco Shot
  • That’s pretty!
  • Very interesting.
  • That is very fun spirit!
  • It is not what I was expecting at all.
  • The experience changes every time you take a sip.
  • Very different from any spirit we’ve ever had.
  • You have to try this.
  • It isn’t sweet and has a hint of citrus sourness to it.
  • Very hard to explain the flavor.
  • When very smoothly and then breaths a lot afterwards.
Pisco Sour Cocktail
  • Oh, delightful!
  • We tried different bitters in each of our cocktails. Chelsea liked it better with the Angostura bitters and I liked it more with the orange bitters.
  • Very sweet. Very light.
  • It packs a punch.

Liquor Facts

Chelsea went in-depth with Macchu Pisco’s family history and the origins of Pisco as a spirit in Peru. She also took some time to discuss the spirits sisters behind the pisco and the adorable label that prompted us to select this bottle for the podcast.

Would You Rather

Would you rather encounter an ancient well-versed entity or something no one has shared an experience with before?

Story Notes

Erick had quite the lineup with three unsettling tales all hailing from Peru. The first was about the bizzare deaths that occurred at La Casa Matusita and the paranormal encounters that still happen within its walls. He then tied the remaining stories to Peru’s El Tunchi, a malignant whistling spirit, both sure to leave you with chills.

Last Call

Don’t respond to those unknown whistles in the night!

Close Your Tab

Thank you so much for joining us around the bar. We hope you’ll stay tuned for even more spooky sips very soon.

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