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Greenhouse Artisan Gin

Imbibe in the haunted gardens of Greenhouse Spirits’ classic artisan gin with a Queen Bee cocktail that is all the buzz.


Greenhouse Artisan Gin Sips & Spirits


What’s on the menu?

We are calling upon a spirit from Greenhouse Spirits in Houston, Texas. We are using their Greenhouse Classic Gin to summon a Queen Bee to the table.

Greenhouse Classic Gin Queen Bee Cocktail
greenhouse gin queen bee cocktail

Chelsea’s Tasting Notes

Greenhouse Classic Gin Shot
  • Definitely very juniper-foreward.
  • Also getting an earthy flavor of rosemary.
  • I wonder if we chilled this how good it would be to sip on its own.
Queen Bee Cocktail
  • Original recipe calls for their organic vodka, but we substituted for their classic gin.
  • I like it quite a bit!
  • I would have liked to see them make this a rosemary simple syrup to tie in more of the flavor of the rosemary outside of the garnish.

Erick’s Tasting Notes

Greenhouse Classic Gin Shot
  • It’s like a garden in my mouth.
  • I got the herbal flavors, but also lemon zesty.
Queen Bee Cocktail
  • It’s nice
  • It’s light
  • Not too heavy on any of the flavors
  • Very easy to drink
  • Wish we’d made this a double

Greenhouse Gin Liquor Facts

Chelsea dug into the story of Greenhouse Spirits and shared the different spirit varietals to be found in their garden. She also discussed the unique label art which pulled our attention to this bottle and the unique flavor approach Greenhouse takes to flavor their spirits.

Would You Rather

Would you rather have to deal with a fully grown Audrey II or an attack of the killer tomatoes?

Story Notes

Erick took us to wander through three different gardens packed with spirits and invited us to a tale of revenge under a popular tree. This stemmed into a heated discussion about treating others with unconditional kindness. We also deviated to discuss an amusing development in our new living arrangement.

Questions from the Beyond

This episode’s question from the beyond comes from a question box we posted on Instagram.

Will you be doing some mocktails soon?

Steam & Kittens aka Shenanigans in Motion

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Last Call

Would you take your teatime in a haunted garden?

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Thank you so much for joining us around the bar. We hope you’ll stay tuned for even more spooky sips very soon.

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