Baba Yaga Cryptid & Cocktail

Take a pleasant stroll through the woods with our Baba Yaga cryptid & cocktail And yet, there is more to discover as you wander deeper into the forest. Our cryptid selection was pulled from The Clash of the Cryptids playing deck and with an original cocktail crafted by us to honor it!


Baba Yaga Cryptid & Cocktail Sips & Spirits


What’s on the menu?

This cocktail carries strong herbal notes paired with the refreshing flavors of Greenhouse Vodka and Belvoir’s Elderflower Lemonade then layered with the magical flavors of dry curaçao.

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Baba Yaga Cryptid Cocktail

baba yaga cocktail
The Baba Yaga Cocktail

Ingredient Inspiration

  • Greenhouse Vodka
    • Pays tribute to Baba Yaga’s Slavic origins.
  • Fresh cuts of basil, thyme & mint
    • Nod to aromatic forest notes
  • Dry Curaçao
    • Brings all flavors together with a unique orange nod.
  • Belvoir’s Elderflower Lemonade
    • Adds sweetness and extra crispness to drink. Like the crunch of leaves underfoot.

Baba Yaga Cryptid Facts & Story Notes

Erick kicked things off with Afterlight Comic’s description of Baba Yaga then went into the interesting tale of Vasilisa Drunk History style.

Guess Who

Whom will be featured in our next cryptid & cocktail episode? Solve Chelsea‘s riddle to figure it out.

Is that a hump you spy in the lake water?
“A serpentine beastie” some claim, if they spot her.
The Loch’s been her home since 565 AD,
Becoming a most famous cryptid in 1933.

Leave us a comment on this post, email us or comment on Instagram with your guess and we’ll give you a shout out in the next cryptid & cocktails episode!

Last Call

Do you have a favorite tale featuring Baba Yaga?

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