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Flatwoods Monster Cryptid & Cocktail

The Flatwoods Monster Cryptid & Cocktail will leave you refreshed yet intrigued over the sensations caused by both the creature and the drink. Our cryptid selection was pulled from The Clash of the Cryptids playing deck and with an original cocktail crafted by us to honor it!


Flatwoods Monster Cryptid & Cocktail Sips & Spirits


Flatwoods Monster Cryptid Cocktail

flatwoods monster cocktail

Our Flatwoods monster cryptid cocktail is refreshingly out of this world, using the appropriately named Outer Space Vodka. It features bright green and red colors in thanks to the sweet honeydew and tarty cherry simple syrup.

Ingredient Inspiration
  • Colors of the Flatwoods Monster are worked into the cocktail:
    • Cherry syrup and garnish represent the red color.
    • Honeydew represents the green.
  • Outer Space Vodka represents the presumed origins of where this creature hails from.
Cryptid Cocktail Live Tasting

We are so excited to host Lori and her husband, Jose at a later date. In the mean time, check out everything Lori does at

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Flatwoods Monster Cryptid Facts & Story Notes

Erick took listeners on a tour of the many lores and locations of Goatman’s origins. The discussion concluded with a conversation on the power of suggestion when visiting places with supposedly known energies and hauntings.

What Did You Think?

Whom will be featured in our next cryptid & cocktail episode? Solve Chelsea‘s riddle to figure it out.

Believed to reside in the swamps of Illinois,
This creature is an interesting-looking boy.
With an anteater snout and a body all hairy,
On two or four legs, some have found him quite scary.

Leave us a comment on this post, email us or comment on Instagram with your guess and we’ll give you a shout out in the next cryptid & cocktails episode!

Last Call

Do you believe the Flatwoods Monster is a visitor from above?

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