Be Our Ghost

Be Our Ghost, Señor Scary Jerry

We are beyond excited to vive la vida espantosa as we invite Señor Scary Jerry to be our ghost! A fellow friend met through the Samhain Society, it was by happy coincidence that we discovered this ghost has been haunting our nearby neighborhood of Santa Clara since 2009. He is a graphic designer by trade who uses his talents to bring jaw-dropping home haunt displays to life under the enthralling glow of black lights and spider trees. (IYKYK) This editor-in-mischief has been archiving his dreadful projects of over 13 years under his moniker that perfectly embodies his passions for Halloween and Mexican folklore.


Be Our Ghost, Señor Scary Jerry Sips & Spirits


What’s on the menu?

We are calling upon a cocktail inspired by the ghost himself, Señor Scary Jerry. We are summoning “Señor Scary’s Haunt” to the table.

Señor Scary’s Haunt Cocktail
señor scary's haunt cocktail

Señor Scary Jerry’s Tasting Notes

  • I’m going to need a moment here.
  • That is a delicious cocktail. Wowza.
  • I love peach and there is a strong peach flavor in there.
  • I know there’s tequila in there, but it’s very light. It doesn’t overwhelm. That is tastey.
  • There’s maybe three different citruses?
  • I could have this every day.
  • For a signature cocktail, this is me in a cup!

Erick & Chelsea’s Tasting Notes

  • The dry curacao does amazing things for bringing cocktails to life
  • The passion fruit syrup adds an interesting twist to the peach flavors.
  • We also added some peach bits diced up and mixed in with the ice as well as garnished with a slice of peach.
  • We wanted to work in the orange Halloween color while also catering to your drink and flavor preferences.

Getting Under the Sheets with Señor Scary Jerry

Chelsea proposed five engaging questions for Jerry which lead into some wonderful conversations about haunt ingenuity, folklore passions and paranormal practices.

Would You Rather

Would you rather encounter la Llorona or the Banshee?

How to Haunt Señor Scary Jerry

We will be sharing photos of our visits to Jerry’s Los Muertos Cemetery in 2023. Stay tuned for those to pop up here!

Last Call

Have you had the pleasure of visiting Jerry’s home haunts? Be sure to share your experiences as we’d love to know whom else has wandered amongst Los Muertos’ tombstones.

Close Your Tab

Thank you so much for joining us around the bar. We hope you’ll stay tuned for even more spooky sips very soon.

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