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Deadhead Dark Chocolate Rum

Sip on cacao nectar from the Chiapas jungles in the form of Deadhead dark chocolate rum while being warned of the charismatic el Sombrerón.


Deadhead Dark Chocolate Rum Sips & Spirits


What’s on the menu?

Today we are calling upon a spirit from Deadhead Rum of Temecula, California; distilled in the jungles of Chiapas, Mexico. We are using their Dark Chocolate flavored rum to summon a Sunkissed Simian to the table.

Deadhead Dark Chocolate Rum Sunkissed Simian Cocktail

Chelsea’s Tasting Notes

Deadhead Dark Chocolate Rum Shot
  • Cockcolatey in a good way.
  • Nice on your nose.
  • Would be great for chilling then sipping.
  • This has that chocolate flavor without the sweetness.
  • Not overbearing or makes you feel like you’re eating a chocolate bar.
Sunkissed Simian Cocktail
  • It makes me think of the chocolate orange candies.
  • Trying to find a simple cocktail that anyone could whip up.
  • This is really really nice.
  • A great tiki cocktail to share with friends that is different from your usual choices.

Erick’s Tasting Notes

Deadhead Dark Chocolate Rum Shot
  • Chocolatey. Very Chocolately.
  • Very slight burn, which is great.
  • Would have this with a 2 oz pour and a cigar
  • Would be great for if you want to add a chocolate flavor, but not the chocolate sweetness.
Sunkissed Simian Cocktail
  • This is great.
  • That is a really nice cocktail. Should have made this a double.
  • One of those cocktails that are so simple you doubt yourself on if you included all the required ingredients.

Deadhead Dark Chocolate Rum Liquor Facts

Chelsea has previously discussed the facts of Deadhead Rum brand in episode 4, so she referenced back to those notes in this episode. She also revisited the fun we had taste-testing the different rums Deadhead has to offer in an Instagram Live on June 12th, 2022.

Would You Rather

Would you rather encounter a supernatural being that speaks your language or speak to you in a foreign language you don’t understand?

Story Notes

Erick switched it up this episode by kicking off with the story before the facts. He lead us through a chilling tale featuring el Sombrerón, the man with the hat, and a young woman being haunted by a shadowed specter each night. Then he went through the lore and appearance of el Sombrerón.

Questions from the Beyond

This episode did not have any questions from the beyond, but Erick had something to share in its place. He talked about trying Monster Energy’s hard version, Beast in the White Haze flavor.

Ever have a question for us to answer during our episodes? Leave us a comment on this post, email us or comment on Instagram and we’ll be sure to answer it in the next spirits-focused episode!

Last Call

Are you a fan of chocolate-flavored liquors?

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