Cryptids & Cocktails

Chupacabra Cryptid & Cocktail

Join us in our newest segment of the podcast; cryptids & cocktails as we discuss our first cryptid & original cocktail, the Chupacabra. Every even numbered episode will feature a cryptid pulled from The Clash of the Cryptids playing deck and a cocktail crafted to honor the creature!


The Chupacabra Cryptid & Cocktail Sips & Spirits


Chupacabra Cryptid Cocktail

the chupacabra cocktail

Suck down this delightful cocktail like a chupacabra feasting on goat’s blood. Combining Bacardi Limon Rum with Jarritos lime soda, this cocktail is a fun spin on the classic mojito.

Ingredient Inspiration
  • Mojito-styled cocktail
    • Chupacabra sightings include Puerto Rico, Mexico & US.
  • Bacardi Rum
    • Chupacabra roots from Puerto Rico
  • Jarritos Lime
    • Mexican connection & something different in place of club soda
  • Blood orange syrup
    • Blood visual for Chupacabra’s diet

Cryptid Facts & Story Notes

Erick read off the details on the Chupacabra card, then shared a harrowing tale of an encounter between two men and an unknown creature calling in the night. He then wrapped it up with one of our own personal experiences we think is related to the Chupacabra.

Guess Who

Whom will be featured in our next cryptid & cocktail episode? Solve Chelsea’s riddle to figure it out.

Am I a bear or a wolf from the Middle Coast sticks?
I’ve been spotted along a rural road since 1936.
From the many you may ask, I’ve given quite a fright.
Still, I haven’t harmed a single human wandering at night

Leave us a comment on this post or on Instagram with your guess and we’ll give you a shout out in the next cryptid & cocktails episode!

Last Call

Do you believe the goat sucker could exist?

Close Your Tab

Thank you so much for joining us around the bar. We hope you’ll stay tuned for even more spooky sips very soon.

Thanks for sipping by!

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